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Top 10 Benefits To Training With A Speed Resistance Parachute


Running or sprinting parachutes are popular amongst a wide range of athletes. The parachutes are usually made of nylon or polyester and are attached to a harness which you can attach to your chest or waist. As you run or sprint the parachute expands, which creates resistance and in turn forces you to work harder even when it isn’t windy. Speed parachutes are a great tool. Here are our top 10 benefits to training with a speed parachute:


Speed parachutes enable you to build overall functional strength and power.

2. The great outdoors.

They are a great excuse to get out of the weight room change your environment and train outside.

3. Used by pro athletes.

Speed parachutes are often used by pro and amateur sprinters and athletes seeking to develop explosive speed and movement.

4. Will give you a psychological edge.

Not only is speed parachute training a physical challenge it is also a mental challenge, training through the resistance will give you that edge when it comes to competition time in an array of sports.

5. Inexpensive.

Speed parachutes are inexpensive relative to the value they provide so are financially viable for many athletes.

6. Fast twitch muscles. 

Speed parachutes help build and develop fast twitch muscles which can be advantageous for sports which require short bursts of speed or strength.  Boxing, Muay Thai, football, basketball, soccer and athletics are just a few sports in this fast-twitch category.

7.  Progressive Resistance. 

The speed parachute applies progressive resistance, so the faster you run the more resistance is provided.  However fast or slow you are running, the parachute will adjust to your ability level.

8.  Motivation. 

Switching up your normal routine can be key to keeping up your motivation to train.  Sprinting with a speed parachute in the park or track is a great alternative to your normal routine.

9.  You can train alone.

It is a great tool to train alone with, they are easy to use, light and no spotter or assistance is needed.

10. Injury recovery.

Compared to training in the weight room speed parachute training lessens the impact of motion on your joints so depending on the injury it can be a great tool to utilise whilst recovering.